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Sugar & by products

Sugar analysis

Sugar analysis is backbone of Maarc Labs as the lab initiated its activity from Scratch to cater needs of indian sugar industry .

Maarc Labs offers a wide spectrum of parameters for sugar analysis .As a Referee of ICUMSA General Subject 9 (Plantation white sugar) Dr. VasudhaKeskar took responsibility of validation of new methods necessary for analysis of plantation white sugar .Her work


since last two decades has resulted in enrichment of plantation white sugar with respect to analytical methodologies .The methods she developed are serving for all countries manufacturing plantation white sugar.

Analysis of Sugar : Plantation white Sugar, Refined Sugar, Raw Sugar& Sugar Syrup.

Chemical parameters : Colour, Conductivity ash, Dextran, Floc test, Grain size, Mean aperture, Moisture, Polarisation, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Sediment, Sulphur Dioxide, Starch,Turbidity.
Microbiological parameters : Mesophillic bacteria, Yeast &Moulds, Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria(TAB), Guaiacol producing TAB & Pathogen
Heavy Metals : Lead ,Arsenic, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Chromium, Cadmium, Mercury,Methyl Mercury as Hg.
Pesticide residue : 37 Pesticides
Other Contaminants : Saffrole, Melamine, Agaric acid, Hydrocyanic acid,Hypericine, Aflatoxin
• Complete analysis as per Coke Specification.
• Complete analysis as per Pepsico Specification.
• Food Safety parameters as per FSSAI requirements.
• Pharma Sugar as per : Indian Pharmacopeia-,BritishPharmacopeia-,USP-
• As per EU(European Union) Standards.
• As per Indian Standard IS 5982.
Nutritional Facts : Energy, Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein per 100 g.

Services for Sugar Factories in other areas :

1. Food safety certification requirements(ISO 22000 ) includes water testing (IS 10500), microbiological swabs and air monitoring.
2. Process chemicals&Sugar Co-products : Caustic Soda, Phosphoric acid, Lime, Sulphur, Antiscalent

Mill Sanitation chemicals(QAC,Dithicarbamate)

( A ) Distilleries
• Molasses
• Extra Neutral Alcohol (IS : 6613)
• Rectified Spirit (IS : 323)
• Absolute Alcohol (IS 321)
• GC analysis of alcohol
• Compost
( B ) Cogeneration plant
• Condensate water
• Boiler water
• Feed water
• Resins
• Baggase &Coal : Proximate analysis
( C ) Scales (Evaporator, Boiler, Turbine)