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Training Programs

Laboratory Training Programs

We also conduct training programs for industries. These programs are specifically designed to make your chemists understand the nuances of product quality and how it can be affected by small deviations in your process. These training sessions include more than fifty percent of practical training along with lectures from our experts.

• Sugar
We can provide training in chemical and microbiological analysis of sugar by application of ICUMSA methods for technical staff in sugar factories. The scope of training includes Colour, Conductivity ash, SO2, Dextran, Turbidity, Lead, Arsenic, Moisture, Reducing sugars, Mesophillic bacteria and Yeast and molds.The training mainly focuses the parameters needed to be tested for providing COA to institutional sugar buyers ..

• Boiler Water
Boiler water analysis as per requirements of High Pressure Boilers- Requirements of some important parameters are very critical and proper training is highly essential to derive accurate results . The scope of training includes, Alkalinity (Caustic and Total), Hardness, Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Phosphate, Iron, Copper, Chloride, Hydrazine,

Total Dissolved Solids & Ammonia.